Jake Wesley Rogers



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Publishing: Katie Kerkhover, Sony/ATV - Katie.Kerkhover@sonyatv.com


Soulful vocal melodies, driving musical arrangements, and artful lyricism are where Jake Wesley Rogers' shines - the sum cascading forward in striking compositions. The results quiet a room - making an immediate appeal to the soul. Rogers' age is starkly contrasted with his immensely powerful lyrics and equally rousing singing voice - an electric stage presence at the intersection of Madonna and James Blake. 

Jake Wesley Rogers’ musical journey began in his younger years, inspired by a torrent of coming-of-age questions and fuelled by the vocal powerhouse artists of the time (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga). But the adventure he now embarks on is a true voyage of discovery, rendered in song with earnest honesty. What was once a young man finding his way through solitary expression, now emerges an artist embracing a new future standing on the shoulders of his own younger self.


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Spotify: 178,000 monthly listeners (highest point), 5,500,000+ streams

Instagram (verified): 5,904 followers

Facebook: 3,659 likes

Twitter (verified): 2,039 followers

YouTube: 1,685 subscribers

Showcases: Ones to Watch (NYC, Toronto), School Night (LA), Communion Residency (NYC), Soho House (LA, NYC)

Shows: Mercy Lounge, 3rd and Lindsley, St. Pancras Old Church, SXSW

AAA radio rotation: WRLT - Lightning 100 Nashville, KTBG - The Bridge Kansas City, Lightning 100’s DJ Pick of the Week 

Editorial playlists: Out Now (564k followers), Swag! (521k followers), Ultimate Covers (883k followers), Kaffeehausmusik (518k followers), Chill Dinner (15k followers)

Sync: Tell Me Your Secrets (TNT), Britain’s Got Talent (ITV)

Select Press

There is a heavenly aura surrounding the sonic meditations and musings of Jake Wesley Rogers … unapologetic authenticity bleeds forth from every one of his singles” - Ones to Watch

“…an electric stage presence at the intersection of Madonna and James Blake ... a strikingly cohesive visual brand” - 20 Artists on Our Radar, The STORM Report

That's when I know, that for me, what I'm listening to is powerful. The toes curl and I hold my breath. And that's exactly what I got from the moment I started listening to 'Jacob From the Bible'” - The Q Review

“‘Little Queen’ is a triumphant anthem, in which Jake Wesley Rogers brings together a triad of some of the most important aspects of people’s lives – spirituality, identity, and love – and creates a universal message of self-discovery that touches your soul and begs to be shouted from rooftops.” - Atwood Magazine

"His newest release 'Jacob From the Bible' brings his impact as a writer and musician to a new level... It’s more than just biblical; it’s transcendent." - Two Story Melody